BW120P is a boiler water additive for preventing scale within steam boilers. BW120P has been formulated to provide tolerance to a wide range of conditions and still prevent the formation of scale.
Can prevent scale in the presence of hardness slippage due to softener malfunction.

•  easy to control and test for product.
•  prevents the formation of scale.
•  can break up certain boiler deposit on line.
•  low alkalinity content to allow for increased cycling within the boiler. This saves fuel.
•  contains only ingredients approved under the United States Food & Drug Administration Regulation 21CFR 173.310

BW120P should be added to the feedwater to give a reserve in the boiler water of 30 to 60 ppm orthophosphate. The addition depends on the hardness present in the feedwater; as a guide, with 5 ppm hardness, about 100 mls/m3 is required. It is important that the OH alkalinity (2P-M) within the boiler is maintained at a minimum of 200 ppm to create a non-adherent sludge. If this level of alkalinity is not maintained, sticky sludge can be created whi

BW120P should be dosed directly from the product container. It should be added on the basis of the amount of raw water make-up that is introduced to the boiler. The product should be dosed to the feedwater line as close to the boiler as is feasible. Alternatively, it can be dosed directly to the boiler.

BW120P should only be used where the feedwater hardness does not exceed 20 ppm.
Appearance: Clear and colourless liquid
Density: 1.12
pH of neat product: Approx. 6.0 – 7.0

BW120P has a low toxicity but standard chemical precautions should be taken. However, when handling all chemicals suitable protective clothing should be worn.