Chemical products

Boiler water treatment

Hydraguard’s specifically developed extensive range of traditional and technically advanced chemicals have been used across a range of process and industrial boiler treatment applications. Designed to improve the operational efficiency of steam boilers, industrial boilers and process systems, our superior quality boiler products and specialist additives are designed to offer solutions to the problems associated with scale formation, corrosion, boilerwater carryover and sludge deposition.

Hydraguards range of chemical treatments includes traditional and particularly formulated oxygen scavengers, scale and corrosion inhibitors, condensate line treatments, pH adjusters, antifoams and sludge control agents.

Our range of advanced products includes the following (click on the title for full info):

Hydraguard BW75
Hydraguard BW100
Hydraguard BW120P
Hydraguard BW140
Hydraguard BW150
Hydraguard BW176
Hydraguard BW300
Hydraguard BW360
Hydraguard BW385

Chemical products

At Hydraguard we supply an extensive range of chemical products for boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, cooling tower treatment, closed circuit treatment and waste water treatment. The various chemicals we can provide for the processes listed above have been developed to significantly improve the performance, efficiency, and safe management of your water systems. There are biocides, corrosion inhibitors, sludge conditioners PH adjusters etc to name but a few. All are supplied with the appropriate safety data sheets.