Swimming pool and spa testing

These days any public facility such as swimming pools, health spa’s etc are strictly governed by…what that means is…it is essential to carry out preventative measures such as…if a swimming pool does become infected…our testing fully complies with…we take the business of testing these facilities extremely seriously as the cost for not complying is not worth thinking about in terms of both the economic cost and the cost to…
We test to Pool Water Guidance Standard.
Private or commercial testing to UKAS (NAMAS) accreditation.
Full mechanical pool pump, filter and system servicing.

Underground water mains leak detection

Underground water mains leak detection service using our sophisticated hydrophonic equipment

Automated Legionella flushing

Automated legionella flushing and temperature monitoring package utilising the Honeywell Coach AX software and PLC controller.

Honeywell Centraline partner for water monitoring and measurement technology

Water mains installation

New water mains installed also upgrades to existing systems

Drinking water systems

Drinking water systems are never far from the public eye, with the need to reduce the cost and environmental damage caused by plastic water containers (and landfill) (not sure where this one is going…?) these days drinking water systems are more common and thus the regulations on this are much stricter…by law you have to…although some companies may decide to not…at Hydraguard we…
Boreholes projects undertaken from initial surveys and Environmental Agency submissions through to well head pump testing, water analysis ,completion and installation of water treatment plant.

Pumping and control equipment can be supplied and fitted usually with a UV system to offer protection from micro biological activity from the borehole water.
Servicing is usually required once or twice a year. Hydraguard engineers can provide complete solutions and peace of mind to your business.

RPZ valves

We supply, install and are authorised testers of Reduced Pressure Zone valves. RPZ valves are used for high risk level 4 applications and working in a similar way to a double check valve. However they have the added protection that if a fault occurred with the first or second check valve, a relief port will open and release the water from the reduced pressure zone. This protects the incoming mains water from the undertaker from contamination. This means that the RPZ can be used for category 4 risk applications. As these valves are used for high risk applications they must be installed and serviced on an annual basis in accordance with national water regulations by a qualified engineer. If you are thinking of installing one of these valves you must inform the water supplier.