Water treatment and equipment

Lowara water pumps ITT

Lowara regional distributors for pumps pumping equipment and spare parts(Now part of the Zylem group).

We are official distributors of ITT Lowara pumps and pumping systems. Lowara pumps are highly regarded for their reliability, efficiency and low running costs. We have direct access to the stock and spares lists reducing time for repairs and replacement so you can get back to business and production as soon as possible. Some of the types of pumps we can provide are, end suction centrifugal, close coupled inline pumps, multi stage, submersible drainage and sewage, borehole, booster sets and variable speed. As we are direct distributors’ an out of hour’s technical advice line is also available.

Aquada UV Sterilisers

We supply and fit UV lamps to control bacteria mainly in spring and borehole water They come in a range of sizes from small domestic to large industrial. A UV lamp is of great importance when water which is to be used for human consumption does not come direct from the water undertakers’ main supply i.e. it comes from a spring or a borehole. Normally a small particle filter will be fitted before the lamp, this reduces sediment in the water so the UV rays can penetrate the water to be treated the light then neutralises the bugs and bacteria. This is vital because you can’t always assume because your water comes from a freshwater spring or bore hole that it is of drinking quality. If you own or manage a commercial premises you will usually receive a visit from the local council or Environment Agency who will take water samples and inform you of the water quality and if it is safe to drink. Or you may have a private residential home and be cautious of the water supply or even be buying bottled water for drinking and cooking, can you really afford to take the risk of poor water quality with your business or home. UV sterilizers are easy to fit and as borehole water and spring water is usually free comparatively cheep to buy. Private water supplies are covered by the Private water Supply Regulations; we can assist you with compliance with this code.

Water softeners

We supply, install and service commercial and domestic softeners to suit all applications. Simplex, duplex, time clock and meter controlled softeners.

Water softeners work by a process known as iron exchange. The hard water passes through a high quality cation exchange resin column inside a pressure vessel. The resin removes the positively charged Calcium and Magnesium ions from solution and exchanges them for ions of Sodium. When the Sodium Irons have been exchanged for Calcium or Magnesium the resin must be regenerated by recharging it using sodium Irons. This is a flushing method using salt solution (brine) this program can be set to happen as and when required. Alternatively a meter controlled head can be fitted to ensure regeneration takes place as and when required.
We also carry out all aspects of service and repair of:
• Siata, Fleck, Autotrol and Clack valves.
• Resin bed cleaning & disinfection including new resin beds if required.
• On-site testing for soft water.
• Supply of pre-packaged salt.

Water rams

A little known fact regarding water rams is that they use downhill pressure to pump water much higher than it originally started with no other power needed. A 20ft fall is enough to push water up 150ft above the source. These pumps are ideal for rural sites both domestic and commercial. Although water rams have been around for hundreds of years and their main design has changed very little they are highly effective and are ideal for environmental use. It is a misconception that ram pumps are noisy this is true some are, but we can now supply and fit High Lifter Ram Pumps which are considerably quieter, it has to be said with these type of pumps the water needs to be cleaner and grit free than for a normal ram. If the ram pump you are currently using is faulty we are able to recondition and service it we even make parts for some of the older obsolete pumps in our own workshops. Hydraguard is currently a stockist for Blake’s and Hydram Water Rams

High purity water plant

This is either provided by a series of vessels and chemicals or now more commonly via reverse osmosis. This is done by filtering the water to be treated through a series of membranes, the size of the membrane depends entirely on he clients requirements of water quality. This process also reduces the requirement for the use of chemicals to treat water making it more environmentally friendly. In many cases after water has passed through a reverse osmosis plant it can either be discharged down a sewer or used in other processes, this obviously reduces operating costs by using recycled not raw water
Reverse osmosis plants are usually specified with pre- treatment forms or process such as softening the water to prevent the membranes scaling up, cartridge filters to remove small particles and carbon filtration to remove chlorine.
All reverse osmosis plants are manufactured to provide a dedicated function for the client and come in various forms of packages and sizes a full range of support and service can also be provided.


Designed for specific requirements of domestic or process work.

Cartridge, sand or backwashable resin bed systems. From a simple cartridge filter to a large bespoke system capable of several thousand tonnes of water per hour Hydraguard have the expertise to help. All parts and spares from stock.

GRP tank lids

Manufacturer of made-to-measure sectional GRP tank lids and access hatches to enable existing tanks to comply with current ACOP L8 legislation…the current legislation requires all CWST,s are fitted with lids and for the larger tanks a man way access hatch as well. We provide a range of made to measure lids this is one of our most popular products (or services) because by law the tanks must conform to the water regulations.